Heroin Junkies

Did you know that heorin junkies inject into their veins not their arteries?


I didn’t. But it turns out if they DO by mistake inject themselves like that what happens is quite extraordinary. First off the heroin kills most of the pain they are experiencing for a collapsed artery. The artery itself will rupture from the needle entering it and if you inject badly what happens is it will start to pump blood inside your own arm and it fills up like a giant water balloon.


What was once your skinny shrimpy man arm is now a steroid looking black swollen mess of bruising and internal heamoraging.

The artery collapses to save the body from bleeding out as best it can but the guy who was describing this to me was quite calm with the fact he had about 10 minutes to live if he didn’t receive aid. AMBULANCE ON ITS WAY BUDDY




If you overdose on paracetamol your liver shuts down. Paracetamol basically has to be processed as a toxin in yoru liver and if you take TOO MUCH it crystallises the process leaving you with one dead person who apparently dies the worst way imaginable.

If you don’t take the antidote within 48 ours MAX of overdose you’ll feel fine but it will be already too late as your liver slowly dies. 2 packets or rather anything in the region of 18+ tablets for a full sized man will be a lethal dosage. You can die by mistake from taking too many for dental issues. Mostly deliberate though and often stupid teenage kids who broke up with their boyfriend of all things.

Ibuprofen will do something similar and liquidise your insides given enough but you need a LOT in order to OD on those.

Some people OD on carbon monoxide, again the chemistry involved means you have less o2 in your blood permanently until your body can filter that compromised blood out of your system which takes up to 24 hours. So a perfectly well man who has just gassed himself needs oxygen for the next 48 hours to make sure he doesn’t suddenly collapse of an embolism that hits his brain from a dead clump of useless de-oxygenated blood.


Don’t have nightmares chances are you’ll die in your beds at 80 or on the m25 when you fall asleep or some uninsured drive rhits you 🙂 Just make sure you’ve lived your life as best you can do… and take note from the people who chose out of desperation to take a way out that ultimately may well take away any second chance at life they want when they change their mind.


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