When the poor guy has to crawl back to his car just to ring us

*I wasn’t sure if I needed to ring you or 999 but my back has gone out and i’m stuck*

Where are you sir if I need to send out somebody I can do it from here without issue.

*Ok well I was coming back from football practice and I can’t move i’m in my car but I’m stuck. I think i’ve thrown my back out.*

Ok well stay where you are for the moment. Is anyone around at all?

*not that I can see.*

What’s the nearest landmark

*the nearby football ground I can just see the floodlights. Do you want me to try driving to the hospital?*


NOOOO! Just stay put i’ll send a unit out, can you see the road name?

*yeah I think so.. It’s *** street*

Ok tell me what car you’re driving so I can relay it to them and they know what to look for. Just sit tight until they get there.


Back injuries are one of the most common causes of severe distress we get that WON’T warrant an ambulance. Unless you physically cannot move from somewhere and are endangering yoruself or you are not over 65. Chances are about 90% what you’ll get is a GP to come visit you. Reason being is that often the only real treatment if it’s not trauma is to give you dizapam to relax your back.

Most people think we’ll cart them off to hospital but that rarely does any good for a slipped disc or sciatica. (i’ve  had it myself) Just look after your back and stay active


Caller #2

*Hello? can you put me through to the police? my phones not working and i’m stuck outside i’ve fallen over*

Do you want me to call an ambulance for you?

*nononono I just wanna put through to my local police station so I can get a cell for the night they know me*

Where are youi I need a location sir.

*oh yeah umm i’m a bit drunk see so I can’t stand up*

Some guy in the background starts talking

“HELLO FRED. Fallen over again have we!?”

*yeah something like that, hah! What street we on? Gerorge street? ok no worries catch you later*

(nothing like the village nut to be seen as living a normal life on the curb)

Ok….umm..well I’ll put you through to 101 if you haven’t got any credit and you can talk to them but if you change yoru mind on the ambulance you can still call us back ok?







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