When sex in the bedroom becomes a little TOO adventurous.

I’m currently stuck on the floor my ankle is hurting a lot!

*Ok does it look out of shape at all?*

Yeah it’s at a funny ankle and swollen, I’m having trouble putting any weight on it.

*Ok before we go further how did you do it so I can rule anything else out*

Oh umm…. well.. I was trying to give my husband a bit of a back massage?…I was trying to stand on his back to put it back in place and I fell off the bed? He keeps laughing and not wanting to help me.

*ok I’m sending an ambulance around to pick you up, is your husband still with you/*

Yes, he’s here.

*Ok well if you can just get him to get some clothes together the ambulance crew are going to take you into the hospital to check your foot out.

Try not to move from where you are ok?

I’m so embarrassed!



Not the worst I’ve had, some people seem to frequently rip their foreskin during sex tearing the ‘banjo string’, painful and a bit bloody but not dangerous…. can be VERY scary for men.

YES we also get the objects in the rectum ones. Not as often as you’d think. Just remember to lube up people and not put anything in that can’t easily come back out again.

People losing condoms inside themselves is quite common too. One of those things whereby not EVERYONE can fish them out. Usually they come out by themselves during the night but people do have issues.


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