When animals…ATTACK!

Hi i think i’ve been bitten by something at a friends house.

*ahh ok what was it, an insect? Animal?*

This is going to sound REALLY weird but i’ve been attacked by a male cock…. a chicken.

*A Coc…. Oh a rooster!*

Yeah one of those, he seems to have really not liked the look of me and had a go at me.

*Oh so has he just pecked you or done anyworse?*

well, yeah he’s taken a REALLY big chuck out of my leg with his claws and it’s still bleeding I’m wondering if I should goto the hospital.

*well yes if you’ve lost a sizeable chunk of skin they’re definitely going to need to clean it out for you and give you a a tetanus shot, Try to keep it covered until you get there it seems your nearest hospital is just 2 minutes walk from you…. yes CROYDON hospital! Head there now please1 (trys to restrain his tears)*

Ok thanks bye!


Downtown rooster terrorises citizen….WHO THE FUCK OWNS A ROOSTER IN CROYDON!?


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