I’m feeling light headed again! I’m going to try and stand up and go for a smoke…..*thud*

Sometimes we deal with patients who have dizzy spells or pass out. Sometimes it’s epilepsy sometimes just blood pressure, other times it’s because a woman has come out of hospital drunk after hitting her head collapsing at a party and then after 24 hours has worsening headaches and symptoms of concussion. Oh you better believe she’s on alcohol whilst i’m talking to her too. Just to ease the pain of course.

*ok sandra based on the information we’ve gone through with you today, i’m going to send an ambulance around to check you out ok?*

OK!!!. I’m feeling light headed again

*ok DON’T try and stand up just stay seated on the floor again until help arrives then you can try letting them in. *


*Sandra? SANDRA? SANDRAAAAAAAA (wait that’s metal gear solid)……ahem.. Sandra can you hear me? Just tap the phone or make a noise if you can’t move ok? I don’t want you to try and move as standing up is making you pass out*

(3 minutes later)

Oh I seem to have passed out again… Is it ok if I have a cigarette?

*i’d rather you wait until they got their sandra you just passed out stay SEATED until the crew arrive! I’ll stay on the line with you*

….ok i’m going to try and stand up again…. *THUD*….


(3 minutes later)

*ok sandra I can’t stop you from smoking but if you’re going to do that I want you to stay at least seated*

…ok…. I think they’re here I need to open the door…. they can’t get in I don’t want my front door kicked in!



She did eventually open the door but after 30 minutes of me just sitting there listen to her play seasaw with the floor it became apparent I was going to need to learn some patience and discover the technique of the mute button whilst on call so I could get my other work done whilst keeping an eye on someone.


I should take this opportunity to point out on calls i’ve had with kids passing out or going limp, by the time i’ve even GOTTEN to the last bits of info the crew are already there. In an 8 minute call out I timed one call as being 3 minutes from me clicking the GO button to arrival. So far I’ve never had to give CPR instructions down the phone for that.


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